Wednesday, 3 June 2020


Southeast London Floor Sanding is a Engineered hardwood flooring organization, and has been serving the South East London for more than 20 years. They're specialists in all facets of hardwood flooring like flooring sales, installation of hardwood floors, dust-free refinishing of hardwood floors and refinishing hardwood floors.

Southeast London Floor Sanding counts homeowners, companies of all sizes, contractors plus realtors, both commercial and residential, as customers. They also install, repair refinish (indoor) basketball courts and gymnasium flooring, for colleges, fitness clubs and more.

What gives Southeast London Floor Sanding an edge over their flooring competition is: a) experience; b) adhering to a doctrine of quality-only workmanship; c) a dedication to completing tasks on time;
D) price.

Price? Yes. Southeast London Floor Sanding takes pride in providing fair and competitive pricing. Why? Aside from attempting to please all clients with their quality work, Southeast London Floor Sanding wants customers to feel great about the entire flooring procedure.

Also, happy customers might again be in need of future Southeast London Floor Sanding' services such as repairs and refinishing; also sales and installation when satisfied customers are looking to add fresh hardwood flooring to more rooms.

Here's an interesting fact: nearly 50% of all Southeast London Floor Sanding fresh hardwood flooring work comes by way of referrals. Therefore, it's no surprise that Southeast London Floor Sanding has flourished for a long time!

In Case You Have questions or are in need of a quote (free, of course) please contact us: 020 3151 7591

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

The Pros and Cons of Dustless Refinishing for Your Hardwood Floors

Quality hardwood floors increase the value of your house, so keeping them in good repair is a wise preservation and protection of your investment. If your floors have been damaged, discolored, stained, or have only experienced a fantastic amount of wear-and-tear through the years, you ought to have them refinished. A hardwood refinishing business can help restore your floors with professional care via sanding and refinishing. It's a multi-step, intensive procedure that adds decades of beauty and life to your hardwood floors.


Time and Clean-Up

The first step in refinishing flooring is down them, to the point where they look like raw, natural hardwood again. This component makes a great deal of dust and airborne particles, which may be problematic for those with dust allergies or asthma. Dustless refinishing is a newer technology which uses a specialized machine using an attached vacuum suction tube that leads outside the home, to a dust containment system. It's not possible to completely remove all the dust, but around 99% can be cared for.


Dustless refinishing is less costly than traditional sanding, due to the lower amount of tools required to finish the conventional procedure. Floor sanders, polishers, strippers, installation tools, and surface prep tools are requirements for your job. Together with the dustless procedure, a tech gently scuffs the flooring together with the specialized sander and then applies an etching compound to the surface. Next, a new topcoat of polyurethane polish is applied to reseal the timber.

Losing a Twist 

Any hardwood floor repair will remove a thin layer of the timber. To get a refinishing process,
dustless is significantly less invasive than full-blown traditional refinishes. You will eliminate a coating, but the boost in overall lifespan on the hardwoods is well worth it.

Not Best for Every Flooring

This method works best for floors with nominal amounts of harm. If your floors have taken a severe beating, dustless refinishing won't get heavy enough to fix extensive damage, and the conventional refinishing process may be necessary.

To Determine if dustless refinishing is right for your hardwood floor needs, contact the experts at Floor Sanding Southeast London . With over 29 years in the company, we've got the experience and professionalism to help you in restoring the original beauty of your flooring. Call now for a free estimate to see which method will work best for you at 020 3151 7591 .

Friday, 22 February 2019

What You Should Know About Hardwood Repair Services

Hardwood floors are known for their beauty and their durability. But occasionally hardwoods may get damaged. While this happens, it's time to call in your Denver hardwood flooring repair providers to keep your hardwoods looking their very best.
Here are a few of the most frequent floor problems--and solutions--you might find yourself facing along with your hardwoods.

Planks Which Are Sensitive or Split
Over time and out of normal wear and tear, hardwoods can develop cracks or fractures. Often these may be put repaired with angled nails that are designed to maintain the boards together, utilizing a little bit of wood putty to hide the fix. That is fine for small cracks; if yours are fairly big, you may want to think about having the floors entirely repainted.

Planks That Produce Gaps
Wood expands and contracts over time, depending on humidity levels. Sometimes these are simply the consequence of the year and will go away when drier weather comes. It's possible to judge depth using a dime. Compare the gap to the thickness in the coin; smaller openings will likely vanish when the weather varies. Wider gaps might need the eye of an expert.

Planks That Are Buckling
When boards lift from the connected subfloor, there is an underlying problem which can't be solved using a cosmetic fix. It is time to call in the experts so that they can get to the root of this problem--and fix it for good.

Planks That Are Warped
Moisture is no friend to hardwoods, so if you become aware of warping, you want to reach the root of
the issue when possible. You could have a plumbing leak that needs to be fixed before you address the problem of the warped planks.

Planks That Develop Scratches
If you have pets or children, you will probably wind up with scratches on your hardwoods. For minor scratches, you can purchase hardwood touchup kits at most home-improvement shops. However, if the scratches or other damage is past a DIY repair attempt, you might have to call in the pros to get complete refinishing.

Be sure to keep your hardwood floors clean in order to lower potential damage from dirt and dust, which can grind to the floors and cause damage. To Learn More, take a look at exactly what the pros at The Old House have to say about maintaining your hardwoods in good condition: How to Protect Wood Floors--Top Tips for Maintaining Your Hardwood Floors Like New.

Do you need hardwood repair services in your home? Our knowledgeable staff has an excellent reputation for providing the ultimate in client service. Why call anyone else? Since we have the best products available, we can look after all of your flooring requirements. Whether you're looking for brand-new hardwood sanding or hardwood flooring refinishing solutions, we can provide the best.

Tuesday, 11 September 2018


The bank holiday weekend is utilized by a number of people to do DIY in their house and consider ways in which they can improve their property. This might be via redecoration, acquiring a brand new bathroom fitted or contemplating having hardwood flooring installed.

Hardwood flooring installation nevertheless isn't something you should attempt to perform yourself. If you'd like your hardwood flooring to not just look but feel great, you need to call in the specialists.

One of the great things about hardwood floors is that it is very durable. No matter what goes on in your home, if you have kids or pets, your hardwood floors can withstand an awful lot of traffic. Based on the kind of wood you purchase, depends upon how hardwearing your new flooring will be. Woods such as pine and ash are extremely hard and fair better in terms of wear and tear in a crowded household when compared to softer woods like cherry and cherry wood.

Your hardwood floors will look absolutely amazing when your hardwood floor expert has worked his magic.

Monday, 18 June 2018


Despite spare money at minimum for most people at the moment, a house which looks as modern as possible is something that a large proportion of folks are looking to achieve, and there are several ways of accomplishing this won't cost the earth.

When the floors in your home are covered with carpeting that have been covering them for as long as you can remember now, chances are, your home does not look quite as modern as it could.

If you think carpets may be contributing to dated decor, why don't you bring your floors and your decor to the 21st century by substituting shabby rugs with stunning hardwood flooring?

Hardwood flooring is the epitome of contemporary decor, and as this flooring has such classic appearances, your flooring will be a single area of decoration that you won't need to worry about for a lengthy time.

There are tons of different types of wooden flooring with which you can bring your floors into the 21st century, so it's possible to opt for flooring which fits in perfectly with the look of your home and that will also be able to stand the amount of foot traffic which will be walking it over on a daily basis.

Monday, 11 June 2018


There aren't many things worse than feeling completely unhappy about the appearance of your home- particularly once you feel as if the vast majority of your life has been spent working hard at the office. When you do get the opportunity to sit back and relax in the comfort of your own home, the last thing you'll need is to find yourself finding error with décor.

In today's difficult times, it can be quite difficult to find the spare cash to make continuous adjustments to décor and the look of the house - and this can at times lead to décor looking a little dated.

Many otherwise very modern houses still contain rugs, and as such rugs can constitute such a substantial portion of décor, they can bring the appearance of the rest of the home down.

But as eliminating rugs from the home and also taking a new approach to flooring by replacing carpeting with wooden flooring may be so cost-effective, homeowners can easily, easily and affordably begin to feel happy with the look of the home again.

Since the hardwood flooring choices are also virtually infinite today too, there are styles to tick even the most specific of boxes.

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Parquet flooring kitchen or bathroom?

Parquet floors kitchen or bath?

We frequently get asked: parquet flooring kitchen or toilet? The answer is generally yes. We sell to many clients who have used reclaimed parquet in either or both chambers. Oak and Pitch Pine are very popular for kitchens. They seem to work well. Tropical hardwoods are largely more suitable for bathrooms. These species deal better with humidity and therefore are more stable in support.

You could think about tiling the area close to the sink and dishwasher if you aren't confident of keeping the place dry. There is a picture showing this under.

Our Very Best advice for fitting this parquet is:

Fill the gaps between the blocks after fitting. This ensures that any moisture doesn't penetrate below
the parquet which could cause problems afterwards.
Use a fantastic water-resistant top-coat.
Aftercare of flooring:

Do wash up spillages as soon as possible to take care of your flooring.
Don't use bleach onto your floor.
Do utilize an proper hardwood flooring cleaner.
Utilize a lightly damp sponge and dry after -- excess moisture will cause difficulties.